So the Sunday of the Isle of Wight festival was my boyfriend's 21st, and involved a little too much alcohol to be fit for taking blog photos... this however is the tired, scruffy, aftermath of the weekend!

House of Jam recently got in touch and this is a little set I picked out from them! I also got a denim kimono and pink Levi jeans. They stock their own items, such as this set, but also a lot of one-off vintage pieces like I have just mentioned, definitely worth a gander! 

I oddly have two watches on this day... hey, they don't call me an Olivia Burton brand ambassador for nothing! But both colours match nicely with this set, along with an Amelia Jane London scunchie that I never find to wear in my hair... always as bracelets... 

I have my trusty red Grafea upon my back, with my new Missguided embroidered denim jacket tied round my waist. 

Definitely more of a comfy, still in Festival mode, outfit... but I thought I'd share anyway! (I thought I'd put this post live a week ago but had forgotten, whoops! Also, spot the lens cap!)