Well aren't I just a sight of colour! This kimono is my new favourite, these photos don't even do it justice... it's that nice! I also can't wait to pair it with an orange bikini on the beach this summer! Plus for £18 I don't think it's going to bankrupt any of you! 
Another comfy outfit. jazzed up a bit with heels. Comfy heels I may add. I always find Newlook heels to be a godsend and these haven't disappointed, SO comfy. 
The trousers are another Boohoo favourite of mine and again are just a comfy pair of trousers which can be dressed up or down. If I just had a bralette or crop on with them, and heels, I think they'd look equally great for a night out.
Surprise, surpise, I'm wearing my favourite crop again with this outfit... whoops, my bad! But I've paired with this outfit my orangey Olivia Burton watch and Paul's Boutique bag to bring out the orange on the kimono.