So I must appologise for not posting an outfit in a whole week... most unlike me!! I have been crazy busy with work, events and SEEING KATY PERRY. The evenings/early hours of the morning when I've attempted to sort through the photos, I've actually found myself falling asleep at the laptop! Hopefully I don't keel over anytime soon as I'm really good at that whole burning the candle at both ends thing.

Just a casual/comfy/lazy outfit here perfect for the temperature of London right now! The gorgeous jumpsuit is by Bank and one of my favourite candy pinks. Only £25 too if you needed any additional convincing! My favourite outfits are the ones which look like you've put a lot of effort into, but you haven't!
I've paired it with my new favourite sandals by Vagabond, floppy hat by Topshop and my Miss Selfridge faux leather jacket. Minimal effort but got me a few compliments!