I'm quite upset to think I now only have two days left with Anastasia, my flat mate from Moscow, who came to study in London for one year. She is behind the majority of my photos (well the good ones anyway, sorry Charlie!) so I expect without her my blog is going to crumble and burn! I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to function once she leaves... who am I going to get the truth from now when I ask 'do I look fat in this'?!

We've been trying to make the most of our last few weeks together (hey it sounds like one of us is dying!!) which has included romantic evening walks, such as on the evening of these photos. These were taken in a beautiful part of Hyde Park as we fed the birds and watched the sunset, awh how romantic!

You can probably tell this playsuit is a little tight on the old ribcage... perhaps the S would have been better than the XS! Either way I don't mind the fitted at the waist look as it fit elsewhere nicely. Who needs to breathe anyway?!?! It is a beautiful peace though, and likewise with the majority of the other In Love With Fashion pieces, it is so me and perfect for girly summer days with a denim jacket! 

Shoe wise I was walking around a park, so none of that uncomfortable shoes nonsense and out came the jellies!