Firstly, who remembers this song, and since when was it 7 years old??!? 

Secondly, of course I'm making the most of my island beaches before moving back up to the big smoke in September. Colwell Bay has to be one of my favourites at the moment, gorgeous sandy beach with clear turquoise water (and minimal pesky crabs, or at least if there is any, you can see them in the clearness of the water!). 
Cowes Week (one of the longest running regattas in the world) is also coming up on my island, so I figured I'd better start practicing my sailor-y fashion.

'Sky' this absolutely beautiful blue bundle of high quality leather arrived for me this week, so I also thought only fair to give her first outing to the beach. I thought she matched perfectly with this cropped shirt from Missguided with is a mix of turquoise, blue, teal, black and white. You can knot the tie but I liked the look of it hanging down over these Miss Selfridge shorts. 

I was going to go with black shoes, however I thought the white looked more beachy. These are my new Topshop beauties and if in any doubt... buy them! Most comfortable heeled shoe I have ever owned, I now need the black pair ASAP.