First things first, I really did debate whether to actually make this post. There's always controversy about 'bikini photos', however I don't think I'm stood there all 'hey look at my tits and ass' in a provocative 'come get me boys!!!' way. I tried to make them artistic, and let's face it, I'm lacking in the boobage department anyway, so it's not like there is much to see regardless!
This is just an evening outfit of mine for in Barcelona, I tucked the kimono in at dinner so it was more like a wrap top.  The jeans again were for in public and I stripped down at the beach! 

The bikini is just one of Topshop's more budget ones and I just love it, I saw the colour and just knew it had to be! 

I found it matched great with this glorious kimono from PLT. I love bright colours on the beach and equally think this kimono would look amazing with a coral/orange suit or bikini, or even with white or black! It doesn't even have to be worn on the beach, I fully intend on styling this cheeky chiffon up this summer for casual wear!

Another reason why I almost didn't upload this post is because of a message I received at almost 4am on facebook: 

I had put one of the more natural close ups as my profile photo, which received quite a positive response, to find a nasty girl I haven't even seen since high school, used somebody's account to leave me this spiteful message. Of course it affected me at first, but then I realised, even if I was morbidly overweight and set a holiday photo as my profile picture- who is anybody to judge and leave nasty messages? I honestly think it's pathetic that people go out of their own way to try and bring others down. And also think it is very odd they were thinking about me, and went to that effort, at 3:40am... god, people! So just a heads up, if any of you guys ever receive anything similar, remember that the person and their opinion is absolutely invalid, and it is usually their own insecurities which cause them to go to such lengths to hurt and bring you down. I know I won't be thinking of this person ever at 3am!