This is about how 'farmer' I get. Pink princess farmer! As you can probably imagine, my allergies were raging after this, so please appreciate the dedication to blogging!

I've been meaning to rock some dungarees for quite some time, so I decided, hey, I'll get some!
I had to do the whole 'I'm way too edgy to do the other strap up' look, mainly so you can see the pretty sheer top details beneath of course. Both are by the favourites of mine, Pretty Little Thing, and a billy bargain if you ask me! I love the lightwash of denim and the ombré pink just gives it a more unique edge. I also think the skirt cut is a lot more flattering than the short versions! 

The Reebok classics are out again... sorry, don't judge me! They're just so comfy and pink, and casual (casual footwear for me is rare)! I personally have no regrets, and am wearing them right now as I write this waiting for my boat back to the Isle of Wight!

Sporting the pink and white Grafea again, as I'm enjoying visiting my first ever bag from them! 

I've also included a photo of my dog Fletcher, this is mainly for Fiona from PLT as animals have been severely lacking from recent posts! ...He would have featured in photos with me, but he decided to roll in badger poop and ruin it all!