I can't get enough of the glorious weather the UK is experiencing right now, these long evenings are also a bonus. I HOPE YOU NEVER RETURN WINTER, YOU CAN JUST BE COMING ALL THE TIME LIKE IN GAME OF THRONES AND JUST NEVER ACTUALLY RETURN!! 
...moving onto the clothes. This two piece is by Crystelle Clothing and I just thought it would make a comfy summer two piece, perfect for this weather. It is a couple sizes bigger than I would normally take, so I've just rolled the top up slightly and prefer the shorts to be a bit looser and not in butt land territory.
This kimono is my favourite thing ever... as you've probably gathered by now! It can make even the skimpiest of outfits more socially acceptable!

This lilac Grafea and Topshop sale sandals are of course my perfect purple-y combo for lilac suiting outfits, so I had to wear these this day!