So here's one of my outfits from Barcelona... which also happens to feature my pink bike of dreams which I rented whilst out there. Of course it made the photographs... despite my boyfriend mocking me! I now need to get my hands on one for getting around the Isle of Wight this summer!

The pastel queen is back out for this one! The cute crop is just a cheap one from Missguided at the moment which caught my eye! I thought it looked great with my lilac Grafea and pink and white t-bar chunky shoes.

Again... the skirt might not impress die hard AA fans as again it is a dupe by She Inside. We all know AA tennis skirts are crazy expensive, hell I have paid out for a couple myself, so I was eager to see if this one made the standards! If I'm honest it is exactly the same and for about £11 rather than £45! I compared it to my lilac one and the only difference is the sizing. I wear this in a medium but with American Apparel I get the small. 

Shoes: Missguided (Similar in smaller sizes here)