On Wednesday I met up with blogger queen Emma Hill and after exhausting Topshop and then grabbing some lunch, we headed to Notting Hill in search of pastel heaven to shoot our outfits!
I don't think I've ever wanted to live anywhere so much (other than the obvious castle, and exotic places abroad... but I'm speaking London right now!) - the location IS SO ME, as you can probably imagine!

Once we got over the beautiful houses, we got down to photo taking.

I'm wearing this gorgeous two piece from Lauren Pope's collection at In The Style, layered up with this faux leather pink bomber jacket from Boohoo. All is true to size and I think the jacket made the outfit more daytime, where as heels, a blazer and statement necklace would be more fitting for evening!

Public Desire also surprised me with these AMAZING shoes, again, these are me in shoe form! So much so that my instagram image got posted on their page and my friend Milly linked me them saying that I needed to get them, without knowing it was my image! They're very comfortable, and have rubber heels rather than plastic which I appreciate so much!

'CHAR10' will also get you discount from Public Desire!

Of course I couldn't leave the house without a trusty Grafea, I chose the white today and again my arm is not complete without an Olivia Burton watch! I've also got a statement ring from ROCKNROSE on as I thought it fitted in nicely with the pink details. The bracelet was made for me by a girl in Cambodia whilst I was travelling last year! 

Shoes: Public Desire (Discout code: 'CHAR10')