Basically on impulse I picked this hat up in the Topshop sale (for £7!!!) and then decided to plan an outfit around it. Of course PLT delivered the goods, because they have basically everything a girl can ask for on their site!

Obviously the hat is this power blue, so I opted for these gorgeous trousers. I had to pin the back as the small wasn't available, but with the kimono that is unnoticeable anyway! I'm sure one of my fashion design friends can lend a hand to make the tuck a little more permanent!    

The band on the hat is monochrome so that is where I went from there!
This lace kimono made me feel like Kim K on her wedding day as it blew in the breeze... absolutely love it though, and I'm sure you will be seeing more of it on my blog! 

Then I went for this simple black crop bralette and these chunky heels! I have this design of shoe in quite a few colours and always find it such an easy wear, although it does make my feet ache if I wear them walking up and down Oxford Street for hours... which I cruelly found out! However as heels go, I'd say the comfort level of these is very good!