Truth be told, I have been meaning to blog this outfit since forever, but due to numerous reasons, every time I have planned to do it, something has come up! Considering it has just gone in the sale, I thought hey I should probably share it with you guys! I hate 'dressing up' for blog photos and prefer to document my actual outfit from that day, however with this one please take it with an artistic licence, recreating an outfit I wore out on a night out, but in this derelict location... which I must say would have provided a better location and better lighting than in a club (although I do think those photos would have been funnier)! 

I fell in love with this two piece in Missguided's lookbook, it isn't standard 'me', but I fancied the challenge of styling it up as for some reason I really loved it from the day I saw it! It is definitely very attention drawing, especially when paired with this neon matching blazer (also Missguided) and these killer nude heels by Public Desire (discount code for Public Desire: CHAR10). I also just paired it with this little nude bag by Pretty Little Thing. I found it difficult to find pinks to match this tone, so just went for nudes to accessorise! 

Excuse my hench 'ol legs! I'm wearing the 8, but I think the 10 would have probably compensated them better!