Another dupe lovin' outfit, sorry Zara/AA... I just can't resist!

After finding out how good quality these tennis skirts are, I hate myself for paying almost £50 for my lilac one!!! (Life goes on.) Either way, seeing as I picked up these navy Vagabond boots in the sale, I knew the navy tennis skirt had to be a staple for autumn! I know, I know, shut up about autumn, we don't want summer to go! I have these boots in white and black, so I knew already how comfy they were, so for half the price I decided, despite never wearing navy, it was time to...

Again, this kimono is 99% if not 100% identical to the Zara one, but for £10... It just had to be done ok! I know it is bad, but hey, some of you may not have the money to splash out on Zara every week so technically She Inside is just a modern day Robin Hood- taking from the rich and giving to the poor! 

The top and hat I've been finding a perfect summer staple, both versatile to most outfitss and by Missguided. Plus you can hind from enemies under the hat.