I've recently started collaborating with Australian brand 'Princess Polly' and I must say I was delighted to receive their email as it's always super exciting when a non-English brand shows enthusiasm to work with you (plus airmail is more exciting to receive, obviously...). I was allowed to pick a few outfits, so this playsuit had to be one of them. To me it screams early 1900s, modest, swimsuit, with the little frills. SO CUTE. I also think the frills may it more flattering due to the skimpy nature. It literally took 3-4 days to arrive too, which I think beats UK Topshop for me before I had express added to my account!

Now the shoes... I think you will either love them or hate them. I know I myself am the same... and shamefully I know how I SHOULD feel, but let's be honest they are me in trainer form. I live in heels so I have to give myself a break sometimes, even if I do look like a year 9, hanging out at the astro turf, chav... I'm kidding! These are cute not chavvy, I hope... or if you wish you may refer to me as Chav-lotte from now on!

Jacket you've seen many times, a favourite Boohoo item of mine, likewise my trusty first ever Grafea!

The location this is shot is a place on the Isle of Wight called 'Island Harbour', if you follow me on instagram, you'll see the beautiful colours the water goes at sunset. I intended this for these photos but found it a bit difficult to achieve, hence the not so great lighting - sorry! 

Also fun fact - seeing as I look like I'm off to a rollerdisco if you replace those Reeboks with a retro pair of skates, moored up in this harbour is an old, huge, derelict, vessel, which used to be a nightclub in the 80s/90s, which also held a rollerdisco! It is now eerily moored up on the banks to rust into nothing - if you live on the island or are visiting, it's awesome to check out!