Some very atmospheric photos to tickle your fancy! Also it meant I got to feature my new bike AND talk about my outfit, neat huh? Two birds, one stone and all of that jazz. These were taken just as a storm rolled in from sea, very American Horror Story 'Coven' if you ask me!

Although I like to be all mysterious and edgy sometimes in these black hats and monochrome outfits, it is still hard to escape the pink... hence the pink lippy and obnoxiously pink bike/bag! It's funny because the village I live on the Isle of Wight all look at me like I'm crazy, the village shop workers yesterday even told me they'd noticed how much people stare at me. You can take the girl out of London, but you can't take the London out of the girl! Safe to say I stick out like a sore thumb on the roads with this bike, but I actually love it! It's been my dream to own a pink bike with a basket, and after renting a pink bike in Barcelona, I knew it was time to buy my own! I think £200 incl. a basket is very reasonable too, it has 5 gears and definitely does the job! I was looking at some Pashley bikes but definitely didn't want to cough up £500 - I could almost get a Vespa again for that price!! WARNING: I had to assemble it myself when it arrived, safe to say it fell apart on my first journey and my boyfriend's dad has to rebuild it properly for me...

The bag in the photos is another favourite of mine right now- I'm always a crazy bag lady as it is and always in-between houses so this pink Grafea has been a godsend! It's got plenty of room and a good sized compartment on the front, and of course it fits perfectly onto the back of my bike!

Outfit wise I had to sport some more PLT! You can't see in these photos but the black crop I'm wearing actually has a gorgeous open back, damn me for forgetting to photograph it! I liked the idea of mixing some monochrome prints, so I paired this checked duster jacket, with these highwaisted, cut off, striped, pants! If I'm going to wear monochrome, you know me, I'll still want to stand out!