Let's face it, I don't think a set of clothing has been more 'me' as this one. I'm walking around like a fluffy pink candyfloss, thinking how well I'd fit into a Katy Perry music video. Missguided's AW preview has got me good! This set is also such a great transitional piece, where it's just that little bit warmer than a usual set but at the same time you still can have your legs out! (Wonder if I can make it through winter again without tights...)
Pastel Queen is out in full force for this outfit, how gorgeous is this faux leather mint jacket too?! Missguided, oh Missguided. Fit wise I got the 10 in this, just so if winter is a bitch this year, I can layer up sufficiently underneath it! And of course, now my minty Stella's (which you can win a pair of over on my instagram) matches perfectly with the jacket!
Shoes wise, again, how amazing are these?! I have these in black and pink already like you've seen, but these have fully stolen my heart! Holographic pink, what's not to love?!?!?! These are by PLT (my shoe collection from them is HUGE) and I fully rate their comfort and aesthetically pleasing mermaid-ness.

Top: Missguided
Jacket: Missguided