I dressed exceptionally mature and feminine this day. My boyfriend however said I looked like the mum of a private school child, shopping in M&S! Great! Do you guys think I look old??? Recently the 25 mark has bee thrown around a few times around me, I'm 20 goddammit!!!

These trousers look best after a wash so they go all snug, however I'd been wearing them all day so they lose their Sandy from Greece fit and go a bit saggy at my waist! But honestly, usually they look a lot better than this (see here for evidence with my shoot in Manchester with Grafea!) They're not white jeans, but a faux leather. Gives them that little edge on regular highwaisted white trousers, absolutely love them- perfect for colder summer days!

Crop is another favourite summer item of mine, you may have seen I already own it in black... I loved it so much the white also had to be mine! Sizing wise I'm an 8 with a small B cup, so got the 8, but if you're biggy in the booby department, I'd suggest sizing up!

I feel like these sandals and this kimono was destined to be paired together! The kimono is just so beautiful, the waterfall of tassels just completes it, and the floral nature of the lace matched so perfectly with the bralet! I may be biased, but surely these items were made to be paired together?!

Trousers: Pretty Little Thing