Sorry about the unflattering amount of leg on show here, I know... put it away, put it away, but ladies and gentleman I am on a beach here (I know, my ridiculous choice of shoes would suggest otherwise) and I was filming my 'beachy looks' lookbook, so here's another sneak peak! 

These are shot on a beach called Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. It isn't my first point of call when wanting a swim due to the stony beach, but I do like going there for a drink/walk on the seafront, and to revisit the town I went to middle school in for 4 years (growing up on the island I had a three tier schooling system, much like America- but now it has converted to the 'mainland's' schooling and my 'middle school' (year 5-9) has been demolished)! 

Like I've said, I was here to film, so I don't have many photos, and despite them being incredibly unflattering, I thought hey, I'd share the ones I had!

You may remember from the Isle of Wight Festival I had a similar two piece to this in black? I had to get this white one as I loved the colours of the embroidery again, and this fit looked very summery. I sized up due to the skimpy nature and am glad I did! I've paired it with this lilac chiffon kimono to bring out the purple on the flowers, and then sported red lips and red Grafea to match the red flowers!

I also just remembered why I look so grumpy - whilst filming/taking these photos, a group/family of people sat near by were muttering 'Hasn't she got her photo yet? How vain does she have to be?' etc. WELL SORRY, SORRY THAT YOU OWNED VENTNOR BEACH, and even if this WASN'T MY JOB, I can take as many GODDAMN PHOTOS AS I WANT. I did want to 'politely' correct them, however my friend Jess who was behind the camera didn't want me to make it more awkward for her, so I resisted. There is a photo of me rejoicing as they left the beach behind me and up the stairs, but unfortunately I can't share that for obvious reasons, the internet is a big, coincidental, place...