So this set of photos were a huge fail, but I've tried to salvage whichever I could! Me being the idiot I am, put the camera in the wrong bloody setting before letting my friend shoot me, only finding out once I uploaded them to my laptop and saw they were all blurry!!! Nothing more disheartening than that. Whatever the setting was though, check out what it's done to the background! I look like I'm in a video game world. Serves me right for thinking I'm a pro photographer now I've finally worked out how to shoot in manual. The sharpening tool came to the rescue though and I am left with these, still slightly fuzzy, shots! Beggars can't be choosers though, so I have literally used any I could, which would explain why I look like a melon in some of them!

...onto the outfit! 
I had to finally embrace the culottes, this pair in particular is navy (although looks black in these photos) and to be honest I enjoyed wearing them! I'm not sure if they make me look a size 20, or a sassy fashionista, but hey ho! I found the fit very good, the 8 fit perfectly on my waist and fell nicely on the legs. Amongst all the camera difficulties, it also became apparent culottes are rather difficult to photograph in all their glory, which would explain the odd stances! 

I like pairing navy with red or pink, so chose pink for this outfit. This little tie up front shirt with the palm prints helped add the pink into the outfit with the pink and navy design! I really love the fit of this shirt and it fell perfectly just above the culottes! 

This jacket is incredible, another A/W Missguided favourite of mine. I WISH YOU COULD FEEL HOW SOFT IT IS! Seriously, this jacket is so soft!!! It's made from a faux suede and fits so nicely as a more relaxed jacket. The colour is more of a salmony pink, rather than my usual baby pink, but I 100% recommend! 

I've actually been wanting to shoot this outfit for quite some time, but was waiting for the perfect shoes... and here the are! Can you believe these are only £25?! In my opinion they look so much more expensive, and will no doubt be paired more times with this jacket!