So as a few of you may know, I was sent up to Manchester last week to be wined and dined, feel important in a hotel and then shoot with Pretty Little Thing the next day! I absolutely LOVED Manchester, my first time up there! ...And of course, I also absolutely LOVED Pretty Little Thing's Paradox Collection, which is exclusive to them.

It was very predictable that my favourite items were the dreamy, pastel, cloud print items! I've tried to do a 'day, to night' way of wearing this print. This is the first way and features the two piece - I styled it for a festival vibe (very Bestival-y if you've ever been or are going!) keeping it comfortable, but still attention drawing! 

I've just layered it up with this sheer kimono by Missguided, but I equally think it could work toughened up with a denim jacket. So... you may notice the trainers, yes ANOTHER pair of the Classics, you got me. Big love to Bank Fashion for these, and they match this turquoise Grafea perfectly! I've added these frilly socks too to make the trainers that bit more feminine! 

Socks: Pretty Little Thing