As I've already styled a very similar playsuit by Princess Polly recently, I decided to experiment with layering with this one. Ignore the creases, I should have ironed it really... but at least this gives a true representation of the scruffy human that I am! You may also notice a castle in the background, if you are a castle kinda gal, this one is Carisbrooke Castle and it was home to the imprisoned King Charles I from 1647-48!

The shirt underneath is a gorgeous mix of pinks and blues, with a nice oversized fit, I think it worked well with the blue of the playsuit and matched perfectly with the pastel pink of my bag and jacket.

The jacket has to be one of my favourites right now. Such a versatile pink and praise the lord for gold hardware! I did size up in this in preparation for autumn layering and would say the fit is perfect.

Whipped out my favourite shoes again, which my boyfriend mocked me for 'heels in a field', whatever...