So this is actually what I wore to Reading Festival, however I never managed to get photos on the day as I abused the bar a little too much... and of course I was too busy hanging out with blink-182...
The two piece I was drawn to in Missguided's AW preview, and I find it works well belted and tucked in to give a playsuit-y vibe. The shirt alone gives off a very pyjama feel, but in a good way, if that works?
I'm all over these duster jackets right now, especially loving this pale pink one, a perfect match for this two piece. It's not coat weather yet, but these are a perfect end of summer substitute.
Shoes wise - on the day I wore DM boots, but here I've just gone with these chunky PLT ones due to them looking interesting but also managing not to destroy my feet!
You may also noticed the weird pained look on my face and swollen pout... I had braces fixed on (again) this day and am now suffering!!! I forgot how much it hurts/makes smiling look ugly. Just got to remember it will be worth it in the long run!

Shoes: Pretty Little Thing
Coat: Lily Lulu Fashion