Of course I had to take my last opportunity to have photos with these hay bales by my house! They were literally being carried away by machines as I took these and this bale was one of the very few even left in the field, ha!

This was just an outfit I wore out previously the night before (explains my ugly hungover expressions!), which I justified needed blogging, after receiving quite a lot of comments on it... even if some were asking if I had come out in a table cloth...  It's by PLT, and sizing wise this is the 8 and there was plenty of room in the waist, so size down if in doubt. I don't think my thighs would appreciate a size 6 though!

I almost went with my red Grafea, but decided to go for these white Topshop sandals, so my trusty white Grafea, which is now completely battered from love, made an appearance!