Can I just firstly point out, the background would have been a lot more effective, IF the gates to the tennis courts weren't locked... 

A very American-y sports luxe-y post here. This was my post blink-182 recovery outfit, after being crushed and beaten the first night at Brixton (so worth it). It also explains why my hair is this faded pink colour. I regrettably decided last minute that I'd look super cool with pink hair, but the reality was I looked a 16 year old emo, and then had to deal with peachy hair for the week to come! 

I think these items were just made to be really, I sized up in both so there was some room (I knew the dress could potentially be extremely skimpy if I hadn't #booty). 

White trainers could have worked, but I don't own any of those, so I went for these white Vagabonds, which may I add, are now in the sale!