So this post is a representation of my new found love for Motel! I've only ever recently started collaborating with them, and after having a good look at their site, I've discovered there are so many items I'm loving, and a lot of the pieces sport that quirky edge which I'm all about! 

This set in particular really did it for me. I'm all about a pop of yellow, and love this trouser/bralet set. It's definitely great for that summer autumn transition, and on this particular day it was slightly windy so I paired it with this black lace kimono, however I'm certain I shall be pairing it with a leather jacket once the temperature sadly begins to drop into autumn! I was sceptical about the sizing, but went for the XS and it is more than roomy!

My yellow Grafea, one of my favourite of my collection, was perfect for this set, and then I just decided to stick with black accessories with my MK watch and comfiest heeled sandals in the world!