For me, other than the vast amount of pastels that I wear... red is the perfect colour to compliment lilac! I found that a red lip and this red Grafea, made this otherwise simply lilac ensemble, pop. 
I don't want you all to get bored of two pieces, but my blog is a very true representation to how I dress, so I'm afraid you've caught me red handed... I wear a lot of two pieces!

In other news, the sun was back today so this outfit was perfectly suitable, even without a jacket! Please stay for winter, kind ball of warmth. This set in particular is by Bank and just another 'Charlotte Fisher' piece, to be quite honest I felt incomplete without it. Sizing wise I'd stay stick to your regular size, or possibly size up as it isn't stretch! 

These Topshop sandals of heaven matched perfectly. I still can't get over how comfy they are for a shoe so high!