I'm not a massive orange wearing kinda girl, but when I do wear it, I wonder why I don't wear it more often?! I love a good coral during the summer months, and find this richer orange so great for autumn! I'm making a personal note to myself to get some more orangey outfits in over the next couple months. I also have my eye on a particular orange coat by Pretty Little Thing... which I've also linked incase you want a peak!

Surprisingly enough, these photos aren't taken on the Isle of Wight!! They're actually in London, shows that I can still be the master of scenic backgrounds from time to time! Sadly no squirrels made it into the shots, despite them foraging about around me.

You may have seen my pink checkered, cropped jumper by Missguided... and if not, take a look right into my blog photo! This cardigan is that jumper, but in cardigan form obviously... and in orange. Needless to say I love it! I even think it will look good with greys/blacks/whites with a pop of orange lippy, just to bring a dull outfit to life!

The skirt went perfectly with the cardigan and is by the Charlotte Crosby collection called Nostalgia at In The Style. I met, or should I say drank lots of vodka with Charlotte... at In The Style's one year birthday, which I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here yet? Either way the night ended in me not remembering how the night ended... yep, one of those nights! Since then I have checked out her collection, and knew this skirt had to be in my wardrobe for autumn! 

Shore Projects were also kind enough to send me over an orange strap for my watch! I think it's such a great idea to have interchangeable straps, as it means a colour for every outfit!  

AND of course - What is an outfit of mine right now, without this Pretty Little Thing trilby surgically attached to my head, and these Pretty Little Thing boots glued tightly to my feet?!