A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Motel and asked if I'd like to take part in a '3 Ways To Wear' autumn challenge. Anything styling related is right up my street - I wouldn't mind becoming a freelance stylist at some point, so of course I accepted.
I didn't however know it would be a bikini!!! I know the weather has been awfully warm for early autumn, but somehow I don't think a bikini is quite suitable to be styled up merely with a sarong, at this time of year, in central London... 
Instead I took the opportunity to style it up as a bralette, as I think this balconet shape equally works as a top, as I own many similar!

The bikini top contained grey, yellow and black, so I decided to mix and match with those colours, and here are my three final looks:

The first outfit is a cute grey corduroy set with the matching print of the bikini lining the inside. I knew this had to be the first obvious outfit to style it with! I thought the top looked a little too promiscuous with this outfit alone, due to the short nature of the skirt (I had also removed the straps to the top), so I layered it up with a yellow chiffon kimono, tucking it in to create the illusion of a top - still being able to see the print, colours and shape of the top beneath.   

The second outfit I made tried to make a more 'day to night' look, pairing the top (now with straps) with these high-waisted disco pants. I layered up with a yellow blazer, which would be easy to remove if out in the evening, finishing with chunky, black statement heels.

Trousers: American Apparel (black not navy)

The final look is my favourite. Sorry about the creased skirt, but my new flat is lacking an iron! I'm sure you've all come to realise this hat and these boots are my favourite outfit staples right now! Again I look off the straps to the top, but this time the skirt came up a lot higher and wasn't so short, so it looked more suitable to have on show! To toughen the pastels out I went for this leather jacket, along with the chunky shoes to match.

How do you all think I did? Feeling inspired to style swimwear up for autumn, haha?! Also, get 25% off of your Motel orders with 'thingsidothinkandbuy'!