So you may have already seen, one of my LFW outfits featured this set but in a gingham print. After seeing Missguided's Robyn, sporting this one the same day I had on the gingham, I got clothes envy (almost like food envy, but not quite so bad...) and knew I had to have it for autumn! It's just a great transitional piece as it's still a nice floaty shape with floral print, but the colours are more autumnal and the skirt is a lot longer than I'm used to! 
I found it matched perfectly with this peachy pink coat also by Missguided (you've already heard me name dropping this I imagine, whenever I mention the blue version I have of it) and I have to say these are the nicest wool material coats, quality wise, that I have ever had from Missguided! They're a nice oversized fit for AW too! This is the 8, so size down in the coat if worried about sizing!

I've never been compelled to buy chelsea boots, because as you have probably noticed, I'm more of a chunky boot kinda gal! HOWEVER, when Deichmann's gave me an opportunity to pick from their new collection, I felt it was time to introduce the chelsea boot to my AW collection! I have absolutely no regrets as I have been wearing them so much! I had kind of forgot what genuinely comfy shoes feel like... but these boots have reminded me! I thought these went nicely with the outfit, and I added a block of white to match the two piece, in the form of socks to insure the boots didn't rub whilst breaking them in!

And of course, how could I not pair one of my favourite Olivia Burton watches with it, as the colour matched so perfectly?