Another post where I managed to sneak my pink bicycle in... and a whole lotta other pink too. I'm sure none of you are strangers to my favourite colour, right? 

I also look awfully pained in these photos, I'm not sure if that is because these 'medium' (thanks China) trousers are cutting off my circulation, or my braces are slowly breaking my jaw?? Either way, I figured I'd add an explanation! 

So yes like I've said this is the medium... and as you can see, those are the tightest trousers in the entire world. I guess a Chinese medium isn't too compensating for a 5"8, athletic built girl... I'd say these are a very small 8, but more likely a 6! Definitely go for the large if you are an 8-10, unless of course you prefer them very fitted.  The suit in itself though is amazing, and it doesn't look ridiculous in person this fitted, and of course I have enough flexibility in them to ride a bike, so they're not all bad!

You could easily dress this suit up, but I did the opposite for a more sports luxe-y feel. I originally bought these Nike sliders as a joke to match my boyfriend's pair, however I can't deny their comfort, and despite their haters I will continue to wear them and feel edgy like all the cool kids who can pull them off. In all honesty I was getting tired of riding my bike wearing heels too... I wanted a sporty grey vest, but it turns out I didn't own one, so this baby was borrowed from my mum! could well be a PJ top, or it could be Chanel, but unfortunately the tag is missing so I cannot inform you!