Another gorgeous evening on 'the island': note I took the heels off, they just suited the outfit! They will be paired with this dress again though in a more suitable situation, where I'm less likely to break my legs! Us Isle of Wighters always refer to it as 'the island' as if there were no other? There is a famous Jane Austen quote which is: there we have it! Also, if any of you are 'Zoella' fans, she often mentions the Isle of Wight as her favourite place, specifically the area I live in, naming this particular beach her favourite!

I don't usually dress as traditionally girlie as this, but I did love it! It would make a perfect 'date night' outfit. The dress is a very nice thick material, flattering as it hugs you in all the right places. The colours in the print mean it would be easy to style up with a few colours, equally as the weather gets colder, I think it would look good with dark purples and navy!

As it was such a lovely evening, it would have been sufficient to just wear the dress with the cardigan, however I knew it was going to get dark and colder before I got home, so my favourite blue fuzzy coat made the perfect layer up!

I love this style of heel by Missguided, as they're the only non chunky heel I seem to be able to manage with. I also have them in orange and feel you can't go wrong with them in a few staple colours.

Have any of you been making the most of our 'Indian Summer' this September?