I feel like there are two sides to my style, the pink princess side, and the edgy 'I look good without trying' side... You guys must understand though? Sometimes you want to be Paris Hilton, and others you wanna be Mary-Kate Olsen. 
After receiving these ripped jeans from Reverse, I decided to pair them up with another effortless 'model off duty' look. I did size up in the jeans and then pin the waist at the back, and I always find the waist to leg ratio not great in mom jeans, so sizing up is aways a must!  
The coat is another favourite of mine for autumn, containing a mix of my love for pastels and tartan, toughening up with the black through it, making it easy to pair with monochrome. Size wise for this I'd say fairly accurate, this is the 8 and I only noticed it being short in my arms, but I do have crazy long arms! 
Again, these Shellys London shoes make an appearance to my blog! I love love love them, so chic but so comfy. Easy to dress up or down and transform an outfit. Like wise these Prada sunglasses from Shade Station. I was lucky enough to receive these yesterday and it was love at first sight (ignore the pun!). I needed a plain black pair of cat eyes and these fit the bill perfectly! It's harder to see from the far away photos, but the aesthetics of them are so nice. They aren't just a basic rounded shape, they have angular detailing which makes them look even nicer and a lot more interesting from up close. Shade Station's full range can be found here!

Jeans: Reverse