So for day #2 I went a little more pre seasonal with the faux fur! I had a little Ice Queen vibe going on for the day. This was originally my day #1 outfit, but I checked the weather and saw that if I wore this on Friday I would have melted like a snowman, not been an Ice Queen. 

If I'm honest, judging by the photos, this wasn't the most slimming outfit... but I suppose that shouldn't be a priority! Being fluffy like a polar bear clearly was. I would really recommend this gilet as for the money, I think it looks and feels a lot more expensive! 

I had the pink version of this two piece a couple months ago and knew the baby blue had to be mine, definitely going to be one of the go-to outfits for colder days.

Shoes-wise I tortured myself with another day of heels (thank god today is the day of the flats!!!) but how could I not pair these with this ensemble?