In-between yesterday's annoying showers of rain, followed by bright bursts of sunshine, I managed to get my LFW day 3 outfit photographed! I went for a more autumnal look yesterday, sporting a darker lip than usual to match my accessories.  I hadn't yet used this beautiful Grafea, so perfect for autumn, so I was glad I got a chance to finally let it see daylight! Most importantly... I got to wear flats!!!

This two piece literally felt like the most flattering thing, it was good to have an outfit I didn't have to hold up, or felt fat in, haha! I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on the other version of it, especially after seeing Robyn from Missguided sporting it!

As I wanted this burgundy theme I went for this little suede crop, and matching brogues. I do actually have a very similar jacket from PLT, however it is fur lined, so this one was more fitting for this weekends surprisingly hot weather!