Another fun day spent at Somerset House! I had no shows yesterday so I spent it mingling with some favourite people, cute puppies, and embracing the fact I had this sassy braid which I wouldn't have been able to create by myself! I need to sit down with a Youtube tutorial until I can nail this hair style as I absolutely loved it, however I am incapable of creating anything moderately interesting with my hair! Thanks again to Blow Fast Beauty at The Apartment for creating this fish tail, fit for a Fisher, for me!
My friend, and fellow blogger, Emily Cocklin always works the monochrome with a pop of baby blue, so this outfit of mine reminded me of her! I thought the skirt and hat combo worked perfectly, with the hat bringing in all the colours of the outfit. The roll neck created an additional layer around the neckline of the jacket, which I thought was cool, and a overall more mature look for me at fashion week! And of course, an outfit of mine wouldn't be complete without some obscenely chunky shoes!
I couldn't help but wear these sunnies. The day before I attended a Jimmy Choo event, and when I left I was given the most amazing press bag (see my instagram!) including these sunglasses. I can't find this exact pair online yet, perhaps because they aren't available, but the other colour of them is! The model is 'Jimmy Choo Ines'. 

Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo