For the final day of LFW, I decided to go for a more 'model off duty', less dressy, outfit! The shoes made the outfit, so I didn't want to take any attention away from them. Let's take a moment to appreciate the shoes please everybody, yep, amazing. I've always loved Shellys London, with the new collection being one of the best yet! I'm not sure if you can notice, but I also opted for a quad weft by Dirty Looks to make my hair a little thicker - I went for the longest length and although obviously it hasn't added any additional length, it did make it noticeably thicker, so I would recommend, even if you already have long hair like myself! 
The two piece I thought was such a nice cut (although slightly big on the waist, thankfully the Levi jacket was a multipurpose belt!) and very versatile to dress up or down. I haven't worn my Levi jacket in a while but felt it fitting to whip out with this combo to make the outfit have that casual edge, I also think a red lip works well with denim!
And of course, my little French Bulldog phone case made an appearance, as not only did it match the shoes/outfit, but it represented the cutest little Frenchie puppy I had met the day before!

Phone case: Marc Jacobs