Sorry about the face, this is my post-Bestival face. Also with the hair... don't even ask, I was going for a sports luxe-y ponytail look, but didn't rock it as well as Katy Perry, so I turned it into this messy pony! "I swear you haven't always loved pink so much?" - my boyfriend said whilst taking these... you can't deny the pink here really, or the faux suede. 
I've been wearing this two piece so much recently, it's so easy to throw on with my pink Reebok Classics and I'm good to go! You can't imagine how soft it is until you touch it, likewise the jacket. I styled it up for a more going out sports luxe vibe, with the cleated white heeled sandals rather than trainers. You may think this is a fashion nono, move over double denim, it's all about this triple suede... but personally I thought I felt like one soft piece of pink artificial cow and I loved it.
The pink of this Grafea was such a good match (does anybody else find pinks clash each other the most out of all the colours?!?!) and the white stripe meant that the white shoes weren't a random choice!