So yet another photo lurking in Charlotte's drafts folder. I wasn't feeling up to sharing these photos when they were taken last week, however I suppose they aren't THAT bad, and I have to remember it's the clothes which matters. But may I point out I know my hair looks limp and lifeless, and I know my expression is one which is less than amused! The photos were quickly (hence the less than amused expression), and when I say quickly, I mean really quickly, snapped before I got the boat off up to London to be the 'digital in the frow' for Fearne Cotton's show with Very, which I must say was, AMAZING! But yes I did sit next to a very glamorous Tanya Burr in Louboutins and a nice dress, whilst I was in fisherman sandals with socks, looking like a pink marshmallow monster... My life story. I also turned up with a pink suitcase as big as I was, which is another story in itself! 

This fluffy two piece is very similar to the Missguided one I've already featured, but sports a nice checked design. It's by a company called Miss Pap which recently emailed me, and I must say I am loving quite a lot of their stuff. It's up in the air about me popping up to Liverpool to meet and shoot with them, so that would be lovely if all falls into plan! I'm sure this will be the first of many pieces for me to feature for them, and perhaps I will look a little more happy in future photos haha!! Regarding this two piece, I would size down! This is the 8 and the top in particular was rather large on me and I think compensates for a women more blessed with boobies than I! It also comes in blue, which is equally as cute! This is quite a quirky 'Charlotte Fisher' was to style it up, but I equally expect to wear this a little more socially acceptable with white boots!

Cardigan is another favourite of mine right now, you may have seen it on my instagram already, but it honestly is the greatest thing. Will be so perfect for the colder months, and I definitely also need the blue version in this too!

The cute little holographic bag was sent to me, just in time for my outfit for this years Bestival 'disco desert island' theme, by PLT. I found it ideal to put my phone in, within close proximity of my body (so it couldn't be stolen out of my bag like last year!!!), so I think it would be great to hold phone, ID and money on a night out! Of course it's super cute and I've had to whip it out again, and due to the holographic-y mermaid-y nature, I think it's quite versatile to match with most colours! 

The shoes are by Quiz and are no longer available unfortunately, I think I grabbed the last pair! I've had a pair similar for the past year, however they'd lost their nice white appeal, so these stepped in perfectly! Socks and sandals guys, socks and sandals.