Getting a bicycle this summer was one of my best decisions! Especially when it comes to blog locations. Although I have a license, I don't have a car, and I can't always rely on my boyfriend to be my taxi 24/7! Most evenings I've been meeting with my friend Jenny and cycling along the coast/countryside - which have been perfect locations to shoot! Very grateful for her photographer assistance. I am sort of scared about shooting in London again though... I mean how am I going to top my backgrounds, including this one of Whale Chine?!!! 

This outfit was actually a Bestival idea, however now I'm wearing bright orange and pink CAT boots, I've had to re-plan! This is the first paisley I think I've worn, but the colours really attracted me. Love the mix of red, teal, lilac and pink! It's actually a two piece that I've tucked in, and compared to my usual outfits, it feels like I'm wearing a dream! I've just layered it up with this black chiffon kimono, pairing it with these chunky Topshop heels - which were surprisingly ok to cycle in! I went for the red Grafea, and this lilac hat to match the colours in the print. Also loving the cute little heart bracelet from Junk Jewels! Note: massive pout is due to braces.