As you may, or may not, already know - Pretty Little Thing is one of my favourite, affordable, online shops and one of the first brands to ever work with me when I started out this year (*not sponsored, ha!)! They launched their 'Paradox Collection' earlier this summer, which featured pastel cloud-prints and monochrome statement pieces, complete with tons of sheers and meshing. They now have released their 'Colour Flux' collection, which features this mustard set I'm wearing! 

I know I'm a bit scruffy in these photos, but I feel it works with the vibe more! I even went to an industrial area to shoot, I'm that dedicated... also, these boots were just what I needed to recover with after 5 days of LFW! 

As I've said previously, I feel like mustard and navy are the Ross and Rachel (when they're not on a break) of colours, they're just meant to be. As the suit like mustard combo is quite fitted, I went for a casual feel for the rest of the outfit, with this cropped navy sweater and desert boots! The trousers in particular are a favourite of mine, they're such a nice crepe material and the fit is very flattering. I think they'll be easy to pair up with a lot of things this autumn - I'm feeling a black roll neck and the mustard fluffy clutch from Topshop if it ever comes back in stock!