Firstly, what're you all thinking about my new layout?! More aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly? I hope so! I have the amazing Phil over at Pipdig to thank for it, and will write a full post on my experience with Pipdig very soon!

Secondly, it's that time of year again... coat season. Who remembers the coat of last Autumn? I sure do as I maxed my student loan getting it! The pink fuzzy one from Topshop which was seriously overpriced and required dry-cleaning due to London's grubby tubes, more times than I care to remember!

I thought I would comprise a high-street/online coat and jacket wish list, incase anybody is needing some coats-piration! Of course I have included a rain mac, as I am in England after all! Some of these beautiful coats I already own, some I have my eyes on, and one in particular ('Unreal Fur', pink collar) I know I sadly should not be affording!

P.S Who said autumn/winter colours had to be dull?!

Also - I'm trying to be proactive with Bloglovin' now I've had a refurbish! If you do read my blog, I'd appreciate the follow!