As I was scrolling through She Inside for my next order, I decided I'd compose a few of my favourites (which I already own, or am lusting over) for a wish list. I also thought I'd answer a few questions on She Inside, as I get many on my Instagram whenever I post anything from them! (Make sure add blocker is off to see wish list.)

What is the quality like?
I think like any online retailers, you take a risk with quality as you can't actually check for yourself before it arrives. She Inside is ridiculously good value for money, and I can honestly say I have always been very lucky with quality as I haven't been able to fault any of my orders.

How long did your order take to arrive?
Mine usually takes between and week or two, but I believe that is express. I think it can take anything up to 28 days for standard delivery, so I would recommend express for that extra £3 or so! 

Did you pay customs?
I think again this is a risk. I have never had to pay customs, perhaps as my parcels are listed as 'gifts', however I have seen that the majority on my Instagram have never had to pay, but the odd one has occasionally got stung for a few extra pounds!

What is the sizing like?
ALWAYS size up at least one size. For example I would say a size M is a 6-8. For example in the tennis skirts at American Apparel, I am the size S - however I found the dupes on She Inside in a size M to be slightly smaller than AA's size S. If I buy a jacket or coat, I make sure to get a L as I tend to buy a size 10 in coats to compensate layers.

Would you recommend She Inside?
Absolutely! Although using other company's product photos is very cheeky, I have always been happy with my items and do truly believe they are great value for money. My Zara dupes have been half the price and for the exact same quality!