A couple weeks ago I got contacted by Boohoo to see if I wanted to do a '5 days of Boohoo' challenge. Chyeah I did! The first outfit I picked was this gorgeous paisley suit from their Boohoo Boutique collection, which is a few of their more limited, higher quality items. We all know I love a good suit, especially a pink one! I was initially attracted to the autumnal shades and then the sparkly embellishments really closed the deal for me.  

I've dressed this up more evening-night look, but I think it could be universally worn! A pair of cream or dusky pink flats (or daytime heels if you're braver than me) would make a nice autumn winter daytime look, but like I've done here - by adding some extremely high fluffy heels (sorry forum people, hobbit feet are out again!), it fits evening wear! The quality is very good, and if you were wondering, the material is quite thick - perfect for the colder weather, but has little give, so size up if having any doubts!

I actually had a right nightmare shooting this - the first time I wore it, I took the photos with the little fabric bits which hang the clothes up, hanging out. It was a disaster (can't be slipping up now I know I have eager eyes ready to pop me over into a forum, can I?!)... and today, nice weather right up until I arrived home ready to shoot these, and then it poured down! Thankfully my trusty umbrella (also Boohoo, coincidentally) saved the day. So incase you were wondering, the umbrella isn't an unusual prop! 

Umbrella: Boohoo