For my fourth day of styling up Boohoo, I chose another more casual look which was suitable for me to wear into university and then the V&A museum. 
I was initially attracted to the jacket, which in reality is like a super soft, almost like a cardigan feel to it, but coat shaped, piece of grey and black beauty. It's so snuggling and have already found myself wearing it around my flat as an item of comfort! I wanted to style it up in a casual way, but I also wanted to show my style, so I added a pop of lilac into the outfit. My lips were actually a purple, I promise!! But the lighting has made them a lot more pink, so if any of you were worried, don't guys, my lipstick was coordinated with my outfit on the day!
For the lilac items I went for this PVC crop (but I felt it was a bit racey for South Kensington for 4pm on a weekday, so I kept the jacket done up) and this cute lilac clutch - neither of which would break the bank if you're looking for some cute lilac-y items! 
Because the jacket is quite bulky, I didn't want to do the same to my lower half, so I went for some skinny jeans. I originally was thinking of rocking the mom jeans, but decided against it when I realised I could potentially look 20 stone. I found these jeans to be exactly the same as Topshop Joni jeans but for much cheaper, although I would say I have more room in the Topshop size 8, than I did in these by Boohoo. Nothing major though, I don't need to be able to breathe that much.
And again to make the legs look slimmer (guilty) I went for chunky boots. These ones remind me of hiking boots, but in a more sassy and I mean business booty way. I was in them all day, and not once did I complain about my feet hurting - for me that is an accomplishment, so I thank these boots immensely!