For my final day of Boohoo's five days of style, I decided to go for an evening outfit, to hopefully inspire some of you for the party season ahead! I don't know about you guys, but I love winter evening wear, and feel it's way more fun and creative than evening wear in spring/summer! I also feel like people put a lot more effort into all of those festive nights out - I for one always start getting ready earlier when going into winter mode - as the darkness falling quicker gets me into that 'going out mood' faster! You can also layer up and experiment a lot more in the winter, and out comes the glitters, feathers, fur and embellishments! 

To make this outfit a little more interesting, I've actually paired a Boohoo dress with one of their skirts, could you tell?! Basically I was torn between the two and thought, hmm, I could make that work! The dress does actually come in a top version, however the feathers are at the bottom, rather than the neckline and it isn't as fitted, so I knew if I wanted this look combined with the skirt, I'd have to do something with the dress. As the dress was a body-con fit I was able to roll the bottom of it enough for the skirt to conceal it, in doing so wearing the skirt high enough to meet with the waist band of the dress. I felt they worked really well together, along with the fluffy nudey pink heels I already owned! 

Of course a faux fur coat is needed for a wintery festive night out, so I picked this thick, snuggly, beige one as I wanted to fit in with the tones of the rest of the outfit. I think it worked well as a dark colour would have been a bit overpowering, likewise a pink perhaps a little too much!

To finish off the outfit I of course needed a suitably glam bag, so went for this gorgeous gold clutch, jazzing up my hand with this gorgeous ring set with wrist chain.

I hope you guys enjoyed my 5 days of Boohoo style, which was your favourite outfit and favourite item?!