I know I'm not alone buying this skirt after seeing Alexa Chung in it at LFW. She actually sparked a leopard love for me, as before her I'd always seen it worn tackily! If you do manage to get your hands on one, do size up! Online it advises one or two sizes but I found one did the job for me. It just doesn't compensate very much room for the booty! 

I've also been inspired to embrace the pussybow after seeing Katy Perry's shoot in Bazaar - beautiful! So you may see a few of those on my blog this A/W! 

Now, now, now. These boots. I've ALWAYS wanted a pair of thigh highs, but was convinced I didn't have the right legs for them/was too tall/they looked borderline hooker. These however have stolen my heart and locked away the key - new favourite footwear, maybe ever. And if you forget to wear trousers, no problem, your legs still stay fairly warm. As I have 34" legs, I didn't think they'd come up high enough, but I'll be damned - I think they do! I'm not sure if because I have the size 8 on, they come up higher? Assuming the biggest the shoe size, the longer the leg? But yes, they do sit at a suitable part above the knee for me which I've never found before. I also love the chunky heel, basically these boots have transformed the way I've thought about thigh highs for a while. I'm not a fan of a stiletto heel at the best of times, especially not with boots, so the chunky heel really sold these for me - it also made them very suitable for the day!
This coat is my go-to camel autumn jacket right now, and I've had this fluffy bag surgically attached to my arm since the second it arrived... likewise the hat, as you've probably seen! Although I've finally had my roots highlighted (4 months without was looking dreadful) so the hats aren't a necessity now, ha!

Sorry about my dodgy, patchy make up too. My mum had called me an hour before this to tell me our cat had passed away. It was peacefully, but he's been around since I was 4/5 so it was just a shock, and originally I thought the bad news was our 7 year old springer had been put down as he has terminally cancer! ...So yes, previous to this, I had had a good cry and had forgotten to touch up my make up! 

I also might add, straight after taking these photos (I was on the way to an animal farm to see bunnies to cheer me up over losing my cat) my boyfriend and I spotted a baby guineapig... After spending about 10 minutes trying to catch it, we took it to the animal farm to see if it was theirs, and it wasn't! They were under the impression that people in London just let them free in parks when they're not wanted, which is so evil as a guineapig cannot survive in central London, especially how it's white and ginger-ness makes it perfect for prey to spot. The farm couldn't take another male in, so he's now currently in our flat eating kale. We've named him Percy. Happy twist to an upsetting morning!