I can't help but feel these photos have a Blair Witch Project vibe about them. Shooting at a forest at dusk, approaching Halloween (relevant) creates that eerie atmosphere, along with all the dark colours I'm sporting!

Gioia Milano creates high quality items for those with that finer taste in fashion. When contacted if I would like to feature an item of theirs, I fell in love with this dress. It reminded me of a similar white one that Victoria Beckham recently launched, however this one is obviously navy with a black faux fur trim and it has the faired sleeves. It is truly a beautiful dress - I had to bare the cold and whip my jacket off, just so you could see it in it's full glory. If you are looking for a slightly more premium dress to last this winter, I would really suggest it. 

I decided to dress the dress down for a more daytime look, pairing with my trusty thigh highs, and this velvet bomber by Daisy Street. The jacket is also a favourite of mine right now. As the weather is a bit sporadic to say the least this October, I've found it perfect for the warmer days when a coat would melt me.

To follow the faux fur trend of the trim of the dress, I had to pick up this fur roll clutch from Topshop. You may have seen I got the pink one after not being able to get my hands on the mustard, and then on impulse the other day I decided the black had to be mine this winter!

(Excuse the weirdness of the photos, I look a bit like a video game character. I think it was either the poor lighting, or I'd accidentally put my camera into a weird setting!)