So our previous 'couples post' seemed to go down nicely with you guys, and introducing Charlie to my blog didn't lose me too many followers thankfully... So here we are again, sporting this monochrome attire with killer leather jackets. We're both vegetarians though, so somehow this feels very wrong wearing the skin of a cow... 'killer' leather jackets perhaps being the correct term. I know veggie pro leather wearers argue that leather is only a by-product of meat, but I'm still unsure of if I want to cut leather out of my wardrobe or not? Are any of you guys vegetarians with the same problem? I feel like I shouldn't be wearing an animal if I wouldn't eat it, likewise the fact I wouldn't wear fur - vintage or not. Do Chanel cater for the faux leather bag industry?! (Clearly important...)

...moving on from my 1am leather wearing guilt! Goddammit the shoes are leather too.

I think Charlie looks very Tom Delonge X Pete Wentz here, it's because I restricted him to monochrome so we would match, haha! You can see the amusement in his face in these photos, I'm sure... Both our jackets are from Superdry which we are very grateful for! Despite my debate as to whether I should wear leather or not, this jacket is so great for winter. It's really warm and has the dark shearling details around the collar. It's actually cropped which works really well for me as nine times out of ten I wear something high waisted so the crop compliments that! Charlie's is a lot more relaxed - if you know of Tom Delonge, you'll know why this one reminds me of him! But I do think a relaxed fit of leather jacket works better on guys.

I've also gone for this monochrome set as I originally got it without knowing how I'd style it, knowing it would be versatile enough to wear with anything! Turns out I decided to keep the monochrome theme, matching with these gorgeous Shellys London flatforms.