The other day, after wearing the shockingly orange outfit, somebody asked me if there was a colour I didn't suit. Other than feeling boring in black or brown, I couldn't really think of a colour I totally would avoid, and then it occurred to me I'd never worn a lime green. Of course I wanted to test the theory of whether I could rock it or not, and despite thinking it would suit a darker haired, darker skinned person, I think by mixing it with lilac, I managed to pull it off?!

We all know I'm an attention seeker when it comes to clothes, so when I saw this coat, I naturally assumed it had to be mine. What better way to brighten up a gloomy day? I went for a classier way of styling (well as classy as lime green can get) pairing with a skirt of appropriate length for once, this lilac hat and matching lilac heels. I may not fit in with the people of the Isle of Wight here, but check out how coordinated I am with the foliage.