I am such a melon, I can't believe I forgot to upload this post from September! Especially considering it is a favourite outfit combination of mine right now. Words can't even explain how soft this jacket it and how much I love it. What's not to love about pink, fluffy lined, faux suede?
The outfit was actually inspired by the paisley print of the shirt, it contains pastel pinks, darker pink/red, turquoise and navy. An unusual combination of colours, but I think it works well! I wanted to focus on the pastel pink and navy (oh god, you'd think I would have saw enough of those colours in year 9 where I dressed head to toe in Jack Wills everyday!!) which I think complimented the outfit nicely, and didn't look too busy with colour!

If you're undecided on getting the jacket, GET IT, you will have no regrets. The skirt is just a simple a line, which I really like the cut of, and the shirt is actually quite oversized, so if you think you can see my undies in these photos, sorry it's actually the shirt poking out! 

These denim Vagabonds have served me well, and I can never fault the comfort of any shoes I own by Vagabond. I girlie-d they up a bit with these chunky pink socks, and to also tie the colours back in again!

(Shirt on show, not undies!!!)